On Imperial Beginnings

I resist the tendency to see the contemporary United States’ many harsh inequalities[1] and crimes[2] as radical departures from the nation’s (supposed) noble and democratic origins. Look at the nation’s founding document, The Declaration of Independence, issued on July 4, 1776. It’s not for nothing that radical democrats cite it in opposition to plutocratic polices [...]

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Silly Goose Expectations: Reflections on Frustrated Left-Liberal Hopes and the Obama Administration

What matters is not who’s sitting in the White House. What matters is who’s sitting in. – Howard Zinn Who will save “the progressive movement,” such as it is [1], from the blathering of Robert Kuttner? According to a recent story on National “Public” Radio, leading “disappointed,” “frustrated” and “betrayed”  American “progressives” are reflecting on the (not-so) [...]

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