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A listing of original articles by Paul Street, also published in other sites as noted.

Notes From a “Shithole” Superpower

Counterpunch, 1/16/2018 Most of Donald Trump’s vicious and moronic statements are best ignored. Some, though, are unavoidable. Where to begin in processing the horror and idiocy of Donald Trump’s comments during a meeting with U.S. [...]

Beyond Climate Denial and Despair

Truthdig, 1/10/2018 The Trump administration’s recent move to permit oil and gas drilling in 90 percent of the federal government’s offshore land presents an opportunity. With vast protected areas of the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic [...]

Lazy-Minded Liberals and “the Trump Effect”

*This essay (below) was published on Counterpunch on Friday, January 12, 2018.  It was written and submitted before I learned about Donald Trump's sickening racist comments calling Haiti and Africa (home to 48 nations) "shithole [...]