Donald Trump: Ruling Class President

Counterpunch, April 21, 2017 The Ruling Class Reserve Tag One of the many irritating things about the dominant United States corporate media is the way it repeatedly discovers anew things that are not remotely novel. Take its recent discovery that Donald Trump isn’t really the swamp-draining populist working class champion he pretended to be on [...]

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Bernie Sanders, the Company Man

Counterpunch, April 14, 2017 As I pointed out back in July of 2015, U.S. Senator Bernie Senator (“I”-VT)  is not the independent left politician many progressives claim he is.  He’s a Democratic Party company man. That was been clear from his long Congressional record of voting with the neoliberal, dollar-drenched Democrats and accepting their seniority-based [...]

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Trumpenstein’s Tomahawk Dog-Wag: on Real and Fake News

Counterpunch, April 10, 2017 I had five thoughts the minute I heard last Thursday night that the Orange-Tinted Freak Show – the “Unbelievable Baby Man” (Tom Tomorrow) – in the White House had launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria as a response (supposedly) to the Syrian regime’s (alleged) chemical bombing of innocent civilians in the [...]

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U.S. Policies Created the Immigration Problem. Scapegoating Immigrants Makes It Worse.

Donald Trump railed against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) during his presidential campaign. But he failed to mention how the measure forced vast swaths of Mexico’s farm population off their land and into the United States by flooding the country with cheap, subsidized, U.S. agricultural imports. It was a curious deletion, given Trump’s [...]

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Dismal in Des Moines: Democrats are Part of What’s the Matter With Iowa

Counterpunch, April 3, 2017 Iowa Nasty In a recent Truthdig report, titled “What’s the Matter with Iowa?,” I reflected on how the now fully Republican-controlled state government of Iowa is involved in a vicious, multi-pronged assault on working people of all genders and sexual identities. This ferocious right-wing attack is not very “Iowa nice.” It [...]

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False Flag Dog-Wag Warning

Counterpunch, March 31, 2017 I’m not a Truther and never have been. I don’t obsess over the JFK assassination, which (however) always sort of struck me as a CIA and/or Mafia and Cuban exile hit. My interactions with conspiracy theorists over the years since 9/11 have been ugly and close at times to violent. I [...]

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Russiagate and the Democratic Party are for Chumps

Counterpunch, March 22, 2017 The orange-tinted freak-show that is Donald Trump should be removed from the White House and sent to some filthy, rat-infested dungeon with a sentence of Life Without Twitter. The same goes for the rest of his racist, eco-cidal, arch-plutocratic, and shockingly Christian Fascist administration. They should be forced to work sunup [...]

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On Guard, Canada: Trump’s Latest Tweet Storm

Counterpunch, March 14, 2017 Canada is worried about Donald Trump’s latest Tweetstorm.  Maybe it should be. It started with some seemingly innocuous if strange insults last Saturday morning at 4 AM: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump: “Oh Canada: you invented ice hockey but you haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 24 years.  Terrible!  P.S.: Too many [...]

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On and Beyond the Removal of a Jackass President: Impeachment Not Required

Counterpunch, March 10, 2017. Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed February 19, 1967, gives the U.S. Vice President, the presidential Cabinet, and Congress the power to remove the President of the United States from office without impeachment. One provision in the Amendment allows the Vice President and a majority [...]

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