A Betrayal of the Highest Order: Reflections on Kim Scipes’ Important New Book on U.S. Labor Imperialism

The principles of real, bona-fide working class trade unionism are rooted in the notion of working people joining and acting together in solidarity to improve wages, benefits, and working and living conditions for themselves and others. “An Injury to One,” the labor credo runs, “is an injury to all.”  These principles and that ethos have been advanced in American history to no small degree by the various unions affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL, 1886-1955), the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO, 1935-1955), and the AFL-CIO (1955 to present).  But as the left historian, activist, and sociologist Kim Scipes shows in his important book AFL-CIO Secret War Against Developing County Workers: Solidarity or Sabotage? (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2010), they have been undermined by the imperialist foreign policy of U.S. labor “leadership” for more than a century. Read full review here.

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