“Recalls Taking Center Stage”: Wisconsin, Workers, and Corporate Totalitarianism, American Style

The smack to my head came late on the day of my second trip to Madison in support of public sector workers and their struggle against rightist Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s epic assault on union rights there. It didn’t come in the form of a state trooper’s swinging baton in or of a brick thrown by a right wing thug.   It came softly from my car radio at midnight as the lights of Dubuque, Iowa appeared in my windshield beneath a misty half-moon on the other side of the bridge across the Mississippi River.  It came in the sexless voice of Chicago’s WBBM News Radio (780 AM), which reported briefly and incidentally that “one hundred Chicagoans went up to Madison to join thousands of people marching against a new labor bill recently passed by Wisconsin’s governor and state legislature.”  The “reporter” moved quickly to another item that received more time – the story of a young lady selected as honorary queen of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Chicago….read further

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