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A listing of original articles by Paul Street, also published in other sites as noted.

An Insubordinate President

Truthdig, November 14, 2017 “Insubordinate elites,” as the distinguished American foreign policy historian Alfred W. McCoy calls them, have long been a problem for the United States empire. They privilege their own personal interests and/or [...]

Giving the Game Away

Counterpunch, November 10, 2017 It doesn’t take much, just a sentence or a turn-of-phrase, sometimes even just a word or two, to give the game away. “Homeland Defense” Take these words that became ubiquitous among [...]

Presidentially Obsessed: Trump on the Brain

Counterpunch, November 3, 2017 I’m almost tempted to feel sorry for the campus-town Democrats I know, some of whom still have Obama bumper stickers on the back of their Volvo and Priuses.  Every day brings [...]