The Deep State’s Hatred of Trump Is Not the Same as Yours

Truthdig, March 2, 2017 Last October, three weeks before the presidential election, I wrote an essay for left progressives titled “The Ruling Class’s Hatred of Trump is Different Than Yours.” People on the left, I noted, loathed the white-nationalist, quasi-fascist Donald Trump because of his sexism, racism, nativism, authoritarianism, militarism, “law and order” police-state-ism, anti-intellectualism, [...]

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Notes on Empire and Spiritual Death: a Recent Episode

Counterpunch, March 3, 2017. As prophesized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just shy of 50 years ago, the United States has become a spiritually dead imperialist atrocity. Look at the recent media discussion of pre-fascist U.S. president Donald Trump’s use of the distressed widow of a US Navy Seal as a nationalist war prop [...]

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