Impeach the U.S. Constitution

Truthdig, June 10, 2017  I am always darkly amused when I hear one of my fellow Americans call for a return from our current “deep state” plutocracy and empire to the supposedly benevolent and democratic rules and values of the nation’s sacred founders and Constitution. Democracy was the last thing the nation’s founders wanted to see [...]

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Some Summer Sacrilege June 9, 2017 by Paul Street Summer’s here and the time is right for sacrilege in the streets.  Here are eleven blasphemous thoughts for the current Russo-phobic season, likely to be a real carbon-cooked scorcher. Wouldn’t That Have Been Russia’s Job? Forget for now the question of whether the Kremlin intervened to any significant degree [...]

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Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas

Counterpunch, June 2, 2017 A “Hollow” Man Who Was “Unwilling to Fight the Good Fight” What on Earth motivated the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and law professor David J. Garrow to write an incredibly detailed 1078-page (1460 pages with endnotes and index included) biography of Barack Obama from conception through election to the White House? Not [...]

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Beyond Neoliberal Identity Politics

Counterpunch, May 24, 2017 Last year,  Daniel Denvir insightfully described Hilary Clinton’s political strategy as “peak neoliberalism, where a distorted version of identity politics is used to defend an oligarchy and a national security state, celebrating diversity in the management of exploitation and warfare” (emphasis added). This “peak” neoliberal identity politics (NIP) is a great weapon on the hands [...]

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It’s Not Gonna Be Okay: the Nauseating Nothingness of Neoliberal Capitalist and Professional Class Politics

Counterpunch. May 26, 2017 Liberal and other partisan Democrats have spent no small effort trying to evade adult responsibility for Donald Trump’s presence in the White House and Republicans’ control of all three branches of the federal government along with most of the nation’s state governments – this in a nation that loathes the Republican [...]

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How Russia Became “Our Adversary” Again

Counterpunch, May 19, 2017 United States-of-Americans are routinely told by politicians and corporate media pundits and talking heads that Russia is their enemy – an “adversary state.”  The assertion has been normalized.  It passes without challenge or justification. Forget for now the question of whether and how “our adversary Russia” intervened significantly on Donald Trump’s [...]

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The Audacity of Sleaze: Profiles in Corruption

Counterpunch, May 12, 2017 It actually doesn’t take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential. — Barack Obama, Acceptance Speech for the Kennedy Library Foundation’s “Profiles in Courage” Award, May 7, 2017 What could be more absurd than Drone War King Barack Obama getting an award for [...]

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Why Study History?

Counterpunch, May 5, 2017 As liberal Democrats for the most part, United States historians have no doubt been having a field day with Donald Trump’s recently reported clueless comments on United States history.  The president’s moronic take on the nation’s past was front-page news last Tuesday in liberals’ and academics’ favorite newspaper, The New York [...]

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Why Obama’s Big Cash-In Matters

Truthdig, May 3, 2017 One of my little online entertainments this year has been to ask my social media network a question: “So, what’s Obama up to lately?” I want to know, but I haven’t had the stomach to follow the man once he left the White House. Truth be told, I burned out on [...]

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The Many-Sided, Overlapping Meanings of May Day

Truthdig, May 1, 2017 May Day, or May 1, has many meanings, in my experience. When I was a grade-schooler in Chicago, it was the day on which the officially Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union paradedits military might in Moscow’s Red Square. It was a reminder that there was another military superpower on the planet besides the [...]

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