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Street was interviewed on the Bernie Sanders campaign on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 9:30-10:30 AM (EST) on “Gathering Peace,” WGDR/WGDH, Plainfield, Vermont,  June 30, 2015 .  Listen at

Street was interviewed on contemporary U.S. politics by Eric Draitser for Counterpunch Radio, June 2015.  Listen at

Paul Street’s Open University of the Left (Chicago) book talk on his latest volume They Rule: The 1: v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014) can be viewed on YouTube at

Street was interviewed by FARS News Agency (Teheran) (published November 7, 2014)

Street will take questions on his book and the issues it raises on the (permalink follows) Firedoglake Book Salon on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at 2pm Pacific time/3 pm Mountain time/4 pm Central (Chicago) time/5 pm Eastern time.

Street was interviewed on Barack Obama’s duplicitous and Orwellian rhetoric on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and related topics: Black Agenda Radio (Week of 9/29/2014), 
Street was interviewed on the deceptive politics and fake-progressivism of the Obama administration and the uselessness of liberals today (among other topics) by Tell Somebody A weekly public affairs program on KKFI-FM 90.1, Kansas City community radio.  The interview took place on May 29, 2014.
Street was interviewed on Obama’s victim-blaming white-pleasing “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative and on Obama’s fake populism and more…Black Agenda Radio for the Week of March 24, 2014.–-week-32414  Street’s comments are between minutes 34 and 23.
Street was interviewed on corporatist Barack Obama’s latest deeply deceptive effort to pose as a progressive opponent of economic inequality in the U.S. on Black Agenda Radio for the week of December 16, 2013:

Why I am an Eco-Socialist, Open University of the Left, December 14, 2013, On YouTube

Street was interviewed on the federal government “shutdown” and the two dominant state capitalist political parties on The Real News Network on October 2, 2013  Part 1: Part 2:

Street was interviewed on the Obama administration’s frustrated war plans in Syria and Obama’s foreign policy views on Black Agenda Radio for the Week of September 18, 2013: (Street speaks around minute 26).
Street spoke live on Press TV on August  24, 2013  about the British newspaper The Guardian‘s reported collaboration with The New York Times in connection with the Edward Snowden NSA revelations. 
Street was interviewed on Barack Obama, the George Zimmerman verdict and white racial attitudes by Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report (Black Agenda Radio, July 29, 2013 – Street’s comments are between minute 35 and mimnute 21).
Black Agenda Report‘s June 9 2013 Left Forum  panel (including Street) on Black politics at the tail end of Obama and beyond:
Street interviewed on Barack Obama’s predictably (and predicted) conservative and corporatist presidency (Black Agenda Radio, April 29, 2013),
Street interviewed on Obama’s drone war and U.S. anti-drone protests (Press TV, March 29, 2013) at
Street’s December 1, 2012 talk to the Open University of the Left (Chicago, IL) is now view-able on You Tube
Street spoke live on the “right to work” bill rammed through the Michigan legislature on Press TV, December 11, 2012, 7:17-7:20 pm CST
Street spoke to Michael Devine (host of “Devine Intervention”)  on right-wing “right to work” legislation in Michigan (and related issues) on AM 1400 KVFD radio, Fort Dodge, Iowa, December 10, 2012, 8:10-8:30 am .
Street spoke on the plutocratic and otherwise deeply flawed nature of the 2012 U.S. Presidential election on Black Agenda Radio on Friday, November 9, 2012 – listen to a recording of the interview at (Street starts at around 46 minutes, speaking after Kevin Alexander Gray and before Tony Montero)
Street will speak on progressive Iowa talk radio on the 2012 presidential election at 12:40 pm (CST) on Monday, October 29, 2012 – listen live at
Street spoke at length from Madison, Wisconson (alongside Kevin Zeese and other commentators)  on barriers to democracy in the U.S. elections system on Press TV in a special show on  the U.S.  presidential election (broadcast date – October 10, 2012)
Street spoke to Black Agenda Report’s Executive Director Glen Ford on the absence of references to poverty at the two capitalist party political conventions (and on the courage of Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s 2011-12 Poverty Tour) on Black Agenda Radio on September 21, 2012. (Street starts around minutes 46 and 45)
Street spoke with Press TV on why young voters are not terribly excited about either of the presidential candidates on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Street joined Dr. Cornel West in assessing the Obama presidency from the left on Aljazeera English’s “Inside Story U.S.” on July 27th, 2012 (initial broadcast date was August 6, 2012).  See the YouTube version, which has some extra material after minute 20 or thereabouts.
Street was interviewed on the Obama presidency by Brazlian journalist Diego Viana.  The interview was synopsized as an essay in the Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico, August 24, 2012.
Street was interviewed by Press TV on the Associated Press’s use of the term “white rights” on August 14, 2012
Street was interviewed by Press TV on July 10, 2012 on the topic: “has Obama lived up to his campaign promises of 2008?”  

Street was interviewed at length by Glen Ford on Black Agenda Radio on June 15, 2012 on Obama’s corporatist health care “reform,” Obama’s neoliberal boasting, Obama’s black support, and the limtis of electoral politics in Wisconsin and the U.S. (Street can be heard beginning at around 32 minutes left to 18 minutes left in the show).

Street spoke with Press TV on the illegality and immorality of Obama’s drone attacks on June 2, 2012,

Street spoke live on Press TV on U.S. terrorism in Afghanistan and domestic repression of NATO protesters in Chicago on May 20, 2012.

Paul spoke with Press TV on U.S. plans for the domestic use of drones on April 23, 2012.

Portland Commuity Radio’s Bill Resnick (KBOO Radio, 90.7 FM) talked with Paul Street (on March 4, 2012) about the splits within the GOP and rise of the Tea Party, the differences with the Tea Party and Occupy, the evolution of the GOP ticket, Thomas Frank’s “What’s the Matter with Kansas” (hint: it’s partially the Democrats), the idea of Occupy capturing the Democrat party like the Tea Party did the GOP. Street argues that however impossible, the Democrats would be a route to “real power”, and that Occupy needs to begin relating to people in terms of actual policy. Listen to MP3 at  Democrat party like the Tea Party did the GOP. Street argues that however impossible, the Democrats would be a route

Paul Street will speak with Syliva Richardson on Latin Waves radio on social justice, the occupy movement, and the struggle against imperialism on Saturday, February 25 at 11 am Western time, 12 noon Rocky Montain time, 1 pm Chicago time and 2 pm NYC time. I think they have a listen live via Web button: 
Street was interviewed on the Republican primaries and U.S. politics by Alex Doherty of the New Left Project (UK) on January 25, 2013 at _extravaganza_the_republican_primaries
Paul was interviewed on Barack Obama’s fake populism by Press TV on January 23, 2012 – view and listen at
Nice review of my book Crashing the Tea Party (co-authored with Anthony DiMaggio) in the excellent left NYC paper The Indypendent:
Paul was interviewed on Thursday, November 17th from Madison, WI on the repression of Occupy Wall Street movement in cities aross the U.S. by Press TV: (There are problems with the transcript but the gist is accurate…see audio/video).
Recent essay on corporate media coverage of OWS and Tea Party in the Indian journal Economic and Political Weekly:
Paul participated in a roundtable on the Occupy Movement in the left British paper Morning Star.  See Ian Sinclair, “At Tipping Point,” Morning Star, November 15, 2011 at
Recent one of Paul’s ZNet essays on Occupy Wall Street is featured (about 9 pages in) the new publication Occupy Magazine. 
Nice reference to Paul’s book with Tony DiMaggio (Crashing the Tea Party, 2011) in this column by Matthew Rothschild:

Nice mention of Paul’s earlier work on the Wizard of Ozbama (“If there is a writer who has been on to Obama from the very beginning of his political career it is Paul Street”…..ctd.) by left blogger Truth Addict:

Comments on PressTV on the power of the moneyed elite and the Occupy Wall Street rebellion against the unelected dictatorship of money

Speech in Soldiarity with Occupy Wall Street movement on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at

Radio New Zealand: Paul Street Interviewed on Tea Party,  Obama, Occupy Wall Street and U.S. politics by Chris Laidlaw on October 13, 2011 at

Paul Street Interviewed on U.S. politics, race, class, and and activism by Vinnie Emmanuele  on “Veterans Unplugged,” WIMS AM 1420 (Michiggan City, IN)  September 27, 2011, listen to podcast at

Paul Street interviewed on the Republican Tea Party phenomenon and U.S. politics more generally by Matthew Rothschild, editor of Progressive Magazine, on the Progressive Radio Network on Monday, September 19, 2011.  Go to and just scroll down to “Paul Street” (in blue) and hit “Play Podcast.”

 * Interview with Allen Ruff on “A Public Affair” on WORT FM (Madison, WI) on September 8, 2011. Go to and click on:  A Public Affair – Thursday, Thu, Sep 08, 2011/Open attached filewort_110908_120001apathu.mp3

* There are some problems/inaccuracies with the transcription here but this interview with Press TV (Tehran) shows Paul Street predicting the coming of a double-dip recession on  the Saturday before the epic resumption of the free fall of the stock market on Monday, August 9, 2011

*  I will be interviewed on my new book (co-authored with Anthony DiMaggio) Crashing the Tea Party on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 on WDEV radio (550AM/96.1FM) at 1:10 pm Eastern time. The station is located in Middlesex, VT and can be heard in Vermont and upstate New York. The interview should be archived at

*PressTV Interview on Standards&Poor Downdgrade of U.S. Debt – August 6, 2011.

* Excellent book discussion/salon on Street’s new book (co-authored with Anthony DiMaggio) Crashing the Tea Party on FiredogLake (FDL)  – June 4, 2011.

* Excellent and extended community radio interview with me on the history and politics of Barack Obama by Rhone Fraser of Temple University Philadelphia, PA on April 20, 2011

* Nice interview with me on Tea Party and the dismalness of the Democrats Doug Henwood of Left Businesss Observer

* Here is a very nice interview with me (October 3-4) by “vastleft” on Corrente Wire! Here is Part II – thank you vastleft!

* My Green Planet interview (9/24/2010) interview by Mickey Z

* My interview with Allen Ruff on WORT, FO 89.9 in Madison, WI on Thursday, September 2, 2010, 12 pm…starts a few minutes in:

* Left Business Observer’s Doug Henwood interviews Paul Street on “Brand Obama” and its various predictable and predicted “disappointments”

* CARSON’S CORNER: Eddie Goldman interviews Paul Street, author of “The Empire’s New Clothes: Barack Obama in the Real World of Power.”

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The Authority Smashing! Hour

Paul Street who has written extensively on the ObamaPhenomena from the radical Left perspective. Tune in as ASH deconstruct the Obama phenomena and place it in historical context.

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