Obama’s Oil-Slicked Presidency

17/06/10 0 COMMENTS

Given its abject captivity to the same corporate and military power structures that control the Republicans, there’s little that the Democratic Party as currently configured could do to convince me to vote for one of its candidates.  Still, I do have some advice for Democrats who want to win back some of the progressive support they’ve managed to demobilize with their centrist and right wing policies: drop the partisan airbrushng of recent history.

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Silly Goose Expectations: Reflections on Frustrated Left-Liberal Hopes and the Obama Administration

14/06/10 6 COMMENTS

What matters is not who’s sitting in the White House. What matters is who’s sitting in.

– Howard Zinn

Who will save “the progressive movement,” such as it is [1], from the blathering of Robert Kuttner? According to a recent story on National “Public” Radio, leading “disappointed,” “frustrated” and “betrayed”  American “progressives” are reflecting on the (not-so) “liberal” Obama administration’s ongoing imperial and corporatist torpor[2] –- a likely context for more right wing victories in the mid-term elections next November –- with an interesting question: “is it [the problem] Obama or is it us?” By N”P”R reporter Andrea Seabrook’s account, this was the main question discussed by “left wing activists” (Seabrook’s revealing term for liberal Democrats) at a recent conference on Barack Obama’s presidency called by the Washington-based group Campaign for America’s Future (CAF)[3].

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